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Awesome Business Building Tips!

Nikki Nash is a brave business explorer. She talks about the topics that are on all of our minds and breaks them down into manageable action steps. She fearlessly tries new things and shares honest feedback about her journey. Nikki’s guest line-up is always inspiring. They offer authentic and relevant business guidance from their personal experiences. I highly recommend subscribing!

LOVE this podcast!

Every episode is packed with valuable and actionable strategies and I love Nikki's interview style. One of the best podcasts out there for female entrepreneurs!

Loved the Great Interview with Shauna Nicole

A fantastic interview with a lot of important information. Thank you!

Rockstar content!

Nikki's engaging and relatable personality brings marketing to life in the BEST way. Keep it up!

Nikki is amazing!

Wow! Nikki brings high level and actionable business and marketing strategy to this show! Incredibly valuable content AND as a bonus, within two minutes of hearing her you’ll absolutely want to be her best friend. Obsessed!

A must have on your playlist!

Amazing insight and so relatable!


Great podcast on getting us to think about that inner genius we all have!

Perfect for Newbies like me !!!!

I just started a rafting company company based in ALaska. The only thing I know is that all businesses are a marketing businesses to some degree. Every business owners need to have a focused marketing strategy. Her info is perfect for beginning business owners. I look forward to more episodes!!!