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Sales Episodes


How to Close with Confidence with Susan McVea

July 27, 2021

#ComeSaleAway Let's shift our mindset around sales from doing something to people to doing something for people. In this episode, Nikki has a chat with Susan McVea, business sales strategist, about how we can begin viewing s…

Guest: Susan McVea

Reframe your relationship with sales with Annie Ruggles

July 20, 2021

#ComeSaleAway Does the word “sales” evoke BAD feelings for you? Let’s change that. Join Nikki as she chats with Annie Ruggles, founder of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy, who shares how to overcome sales avoidance and other hes…


Mastering win-win sales conversations with Shameca Tankerson

Sept. 8, 2020

If you would love to show up more confident in sales conversations and receive more yes', you'll want to tune into this episode! In this episode, our guest Shameca Tankerson breaks down her framework for successful sales co…