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This show really is magic

I get so much value from almost every episode. Like I’ve been dwelling on a certain topic and open up my podcast feed and that’s what Nikki is talking about in next episode! Can’t recommend it enough for solopreneurs.

Marketing Magic and so much more!

I love this show!! I feel like Nikki really has a passion for helping us entrepreneurs get out of the weeds in our businesses. It’s clear she really knows her stuff. And her guests are super insightful, too.

Energizing and USEFUL

This is a podcast to be inspired and also to walk away with actionable next steps and new ideas. Dive in!

She is Magic!

Look no further if you are ready to be a fly on the wall with all the how-to’s you need! Love it

Important Content!

Nikki does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

Amazing Content!

I highly recommend listening to this podcast for inspiration! Nikki and her guests discuss very valuable content that can help you and your business grow!

Inspiration, insight, and ingenuity!

Ms. Nash has the goods! Experience, outcomes, and an engaging voice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge; been tuning in since the FB Live days. Looking forward to your book!

Lightning-sharp insights

Nikki not only brings her own concise wisdom to her show, but she uses it to draw out comparably insightful thoughts from her guests. I definitely recommend for established and aspiring entrepreneurs alike!

Intriguing Wise Podcast with lots of energy

Nikki brings great resources, tools, and informative guests to the listener of the podcast. She is very creative and authentic. Her thrilling energy will energize you to take your business to the next level.

Nikki is the supportive friend everyone needs

I love how Nikki gives a personal touch to her podcasts. You can tell she’s very down to earth because she talks about things she can relate to especially since she expresses her own personal stories. Her examples are also relatable. She really puts things into perspective and breaks idea down so it’s clear and understandable. She talks to you as the listener as if she’s giving advice to a friend. It really makes me want to listen and makes her very likable as well as agreeable.

Great Advice!

Nikki offers helpful wisdom for marketing your services and feeling confident in moving forward with taking your business to the next level.

Always Fun and Educational

I love Nikki! She brings positive energy, authenticity, and knowledge to every podcast. If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll always pick up nuggets of wisdom you can immediately put into action. If you are looking for advice from someone who walks the talk, look no further. Fun and educational podcast!

Boundaries and Desire

Great connection Nikki! And so true

Nikki is a master marketer

I can’t recommend this podcast enough. From the guests she interviews to the actionable business advice she offers. This podcast is a must listen for ambitious Entrepreneurs.

Fun, engaging, informative!

Nikki’s personality makes learning about marketing fun! She has excellent expert guests who give practical, actionable advice. I’ve learned a lot!

Great for men too!

I know Nikki’s out to empower the ladies, but honestly I get a lot of value from her podcast, site, and work too. Business is business, and Nikki is a powerhouse marketing mind. Thank you for sharing wisdom with all of us. 👏

A great resource for women leaders and entrepreneurs!

For many of us, our passion and training didn’t come with formal MBA training so a resource like Nikki provides on Market Your Genius is so valuable! If you are a small business owner/entrepreneur in need of a support village, this is an excellent place to start! Topics are so relatable yet also get you thinking about problem solving in a new way!

Nikki, don’t call me out like that!

Wow, I’m in the middle of writing a book and trying to figure out what to do with my career next. Your podcast about advocating for yourself was realllyyy what I needed. I have to advocate for myself.... to myself. Like wow. Thank you for this episode. I’m contemplating my own podcast but I can definitely talk myself out of something quickly. Thank you for this reminder that I have to center myself and make sure that my being is well. Thank you!

Lovvvve this podcast!

I’ve learned so much from listening to this podcast. I’ve been in business for 8 years and this content has been useful, eye opening, and thought provoking. Thank you!

Nikki Nash is a rockstar! 💯💃🏾🔥

Seriously, this podcast drops value bombs galore 💣💣💣 worth the listen if you want to expand your impact and increase your income by learning how to market your genius! 🙌🏼🎙💸

Secret Goldmine

I look forward to this podcast every week- it feels like a secret goldmine. It’s encouraging, soothing and an incredible resource for both business owners and marketing specialists. Nikki chooses engaging guests who offer tons of applicable and actionable advice, while her solo shows are inspiring and calming. Thanks Nikki!

Clear, honest, actionable

Nikki reminds me to check in with the basics before I go adding every bell and whistle to my plans. I love having take aways that feel like I can put them to work today!

Her podcast is a must hear

Love her honestly and helpful tips anyone and everyone

So genuine and actionable

Listening to this podcast is like having a conversation with Nikki about my marketing plan. The content is so actionable and she is such a genuine person and that energy comes through on the show!

Amazing Podcast from an Amazing Person

Nikki provides a wealth of information on her podcast. I had the privilege of appearing on her show last year and had one of my most favorite episodes. If you want to grow your business, improve your content marketing or become more productive, this is a must listen to show! I highly recommend Market Your Genius!

Extremely Useful and Inspiring!

Nikki’s Podcast has been really helpful in building my own business by hearing different stories from other entrepreneurs. It has given me actionable tips that I was able to implement in my own business and has also allowed me to hear other people’s paths to get more clear on what I really want in my own business. I love the positive energy and real-life examples!

An absolute gem - not just for marketing!

Nikki’s podcast is jam-packed with strategies, wit, warmth, and insider info. It is a must listen for small businesses. The best guests with the guest host!

Pure Genius with a touch of magic!!!!

Raw, unfiltered and absolutely pure genius with a touch of magic! Nikki Nash is a down to earth hosts, with a direct style and engaging flow. I appreciate that she's not focused on fluff and gets right into the heart of where she's going for each and every episode. As an entrepreneur for a near decade, I've seen and heard more shows than I can count, and the Market Your Genius Podcasts is a rare breed. A little behind the curtains peek into her world as a boss, and lots of gems spilled into our ears as an expert teacher and facilitor that's not afraid to tell you when you are getting in your own way. The magic shines when she shares excercises and steps with how to break the pattern and get out of your own way NOW!

A must listen for entrepreneurs

Nikki has great guests and she always asks them insightful questions. If you are looking to pave your own path, this is the podcast for you.


Nikki is an incredible host! So full of personality and helpful advice!! Thank you sooo much Nikki for sharing your genius with us!