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Aug. 30, 2022

Intuitive Business Building with Rebecca Campbell

Hustle and burnout does not need to be your daily occurrence while you're building your business. In fact, you can build a business where you're focusing on the right things at the right time based on the season you are in. In this episode, Nikki Nash...

Hustle and burnout does not need to be your daily occurrence while you're building your business. In fact, you can build a business where you're focusing on the right things at the right time based on the season you are in. In this episode, Nikki Nash speaks with Rebecca Campbell all about how to build your business intuitively. To learn more about Rebecca head to RebeccaCampbell.Me


Nikki Nash 

Hi Rebecca, welcome back to the show. Yay, Nikki, happy to be here with you again. Oh, thank you so much for returning. And before we dive into our conversation for today, for folks that maybe they haven't heard our last episode together, but don't worry, guys, I'm going to link to it in the show notes. Can you just give us a little bit of a background on how you became an entrepreneur and what your business looks like today?


Rebecca Campbell 

Totally. So I'd say I run a solid business. And I teach people primarily to how to connect with your own inner guidance system. And that can look many different ways. But essentially, it's it's, it's, it's tuning into that wise part of us that I believe, like, as an entrepreneur, in particular, most of us will have been in contact with it, because you know, it takes courage to be an entrepreneur and go and do your own thing. And I think that it is often like a an inner call, or your intuition that's calling you to kind of like, break out of the mold and do something a little bit different. And I guess, yeah, when I reflect back on, like, like, what my business looks like, I was a creative director in advertising. So I'd always been creative, and into writing and all of that. But my passion was always mysticism and understanding, like, you know, the will, not understanding because I don't think it's even possible to understand it, but asking the big questions of life, like, what is the so what happens when we die? What happens when we're born? And what's that part of us that that exists? You know, sometimes you meet people, and you're like, Oh, my God, I knew them. How do I knew them? Yeah. So I've always been fascinated by that. And yeah, it was around my late 20s, seven returns time that I realized that, you know, the corporate world and the career, which was a really great career, and I enjoyed many parts of it just wasn't in alignment. So yeah, I took the leap and started writing and just focusing on my passion, really, yeah. And so today, I'd say that my primary thing that I offer is, like books and oracle cards. And then I also teach, so various different programs from like workshops to, I've got a mystery school as well. So


Nikki Nash  02:26

yeah, I love that. I love that so much. And it's funny, because I got my career started in advertising, but I was media planning and buying side. That's


Rebecca Campbell  02:37

right, I remember that. Yeah. You know, it,


Nikki Nash  02:41

I get it. Good training,


Rebecca Campbell  02:44

I must say, I think, you know, particularly when it comes to entrepreneurship, and I think also, like creativity to like when you're, you're working in me, the mediums like that, and industries like that, you know, it's it's also not healthy, because it's not honoring any kind of natural rhythm at all. It's deadline deadline deadline. So, in some cases, it's not a great place to learn. But in other cases, I think what it does do is it teaches us a lot of entrepreneurial thinking, because, and I kind of liken this to intuition as well. Think creativity and intuition come from the same place. And it's often like, you know, we can come up with a million ideas and, or, you know, receive lots of guidance on Yeah, that's what I want to do with my life. But without that, that deadline of the daily action, it just remains like not grounded in the physical. And so I think that's definitely one thing that that industry taught me, like, just like you need, every creative needs a deadline. Because you just have to, you have to commit, you know, it's like, I think, if I didn't have a deadline with my publisher on a book, or just started training, so a self enforced end date, I'd still be writing that first book.


Nikki Nash  04:12

You and I both.


Rebecca Campbell  04:13

Yeah, I can imagine. Oh, my gosh, yeah. Because it's been like, pretty much exactly a year since your book has been released. Right?


Nikki Nash  04:22

Yeah. Yeah, it was. It came out August 24. Of 2021.


Rebecca Campbell  04:27

Oh, wow. It was literally a year. Wow. That's amazing. Ah, yeah. Well, you know it, gosh, the book writing process. Just like so many things in the entrepreneur world. It's like, we think that it's about actually writing the book. And it is but then it's just like a tiny bit of, of having a book in the world. Right?


Nikki Nash  04:49

Absolutely. There's so much that goes through from a growth perspective for me and the creation, the journey to having the book and it's so much happens after and the Oh, it exists now. Oh, I have to market it for the rest of my life.


Rebecca Campbell  05:05

Exactly. So when that went said to me, and this was before I am a mum, but I wasn't then when I first started writing, and they said, writing a book is like giving birth to an adult. And they basically like you like, they're, they're within you and your writing and your writing, and then you release it to the world. And it's like they've left home. So you don't have that in between, but it's out of your hands, how people receive it and what they do. Oh,


Nikki Nash  05:37

yeah, I like that analogy. Yeah. Well, one of the things that that you and I talked a little bit about before we hit record is just that journey of being an entrepreneur, and so often speak to women who are building their businesses and are excited and passionate, but want to do that, you know, next quantum leap, or like jump to step 100, before going through step one or step two. And I see it not only from like, a tactical business perspective, but also through their spiritual and soul alignment journey. And I'm sure you've seen similar things that on your end as well,


Rebecca Campbell  06:18

totally and lived experience too, for sure. Yeah, it's it's an interesting one, isn't it? And it's, I think it really is about a balance, because I think it's, there's a couple of parts to it, first of all, and I'm just going to say, intuition and creative creativity as like the same bucket. And when I say creativity, I mean, like, I've got this idea for my business, or a book or whatever. And then the same thing of like, I've got a vision for what I'm being called to do. Often, when we receive that, like, in an in a way, it comes as like an end point like, and we don't necessarily get all of the step by step guide instructions along the way. And that's why it takes courage to go for it, right. But it also takes patience. You know, I think nature can teach us this constantly. And I think this society that we all, like grew up in, there's this focus on the bloom in the summer, the spring in the summer. And, you know, in our instant world, almost like there's this expectation, or a seeming perception that like everyone's always on all the time, and I wish it would be in full bloom all the time. But it's actually just like, not possible to be that. And I remember a few years ago, when I was just getting so burnt out, it was probably after my first book came out, and I just finished my second and I was just like, oh my gosh, like, this is not sustainable. I just can't and it's difficult when it's your passion, right? Because you're like, I just want to do it all the time. But it just wasn't sustainable. And there was this little bit of chasing, feeling like as in like, I gotta make the most of this opportunity is always on and kind of thing. And I made a vow then where it was like, I want to create a life's work, not a season. And I'm constantly reminding myself of that, and like studying the seasons, because I think we go through them obviously, like physically each year, but also for like, in our life trajectory, as well. And in different parts of our lives. We're constantly moving through these seasons. So I've just I just coming out of a really long what I call in a winter, where a lot of things were feeling out of alignment, in my business. Now it was subtle. It wasn't like, oh, everything's wrong or whatever. But I think that's harder. So like, I had one of my trainings, which was like, by far the biggest revenue for MC for meat from a company for my business and my staff and all that kind of stuff. But I just and I knew I normally updated every couple of years and I was due to update it. And I just knew that every time I went to go do it, all of the energy drained out of me. And it's because like seven years ago when I first created it, that's where I was and it was no longer where I currently was and definitely not where I was like being called into it since become a mom, I changed so much the world has changed so much. And my mission has changed so much as well. And so yeah, I after kind of really praying on it for quite a long time and avoiding it for a long time. I ended up deciding to take it off the shelf. And then within a week I kid you not. I got the download for the training that I was wrestling with. I had the vision for years earlier, but I couldn't land the structure of it. And so I wasn't able to move forward for it but clearing that space. Ah, it's like there was room for the next to come in. And oh my gosh, it's been such a huge, huge learning. And I'm not sure what it's going to mean for my business. Like, I hope it's more successful than the previous and maybe I will bring the previous back when it is the right time. But I think that we're constantly being called to, like, look at things like that, you know. But I think also, like you just touched on before about, like, all those little steps along the way. And yeah, it's like, my teachers told me that, like, all of the creative ideas and intuitive thoughts in the world, are actually really pointless, without the grounded action. Because if you don't have that grounded action, and that's, that's really like an embodiment, right? Your, your visions and your dreams and your ideas can be as as wild as possible. But without that consistency of showing up to them, like those seeds can't be planted. And then we're kind of like looking at other people who are doing similar things. And like, no, that's what I was gonna do. You know? Yeah, oh, my gosh, I could talk about this forever.


Nikki Nash  11:13

And you so many thoughts came to me just now. And I think one of the ones I want to start with with you is I speak to folks often, and they have those downloads, they have those ideas, and the creativity is, is like pinging all over the place. Idea, idea idea. And then what I found, or I've seen people try to do is ground all of them, right, like, I'm wanting to plant all of these trees. And, you know, to keep it the metaphor, it's like, they don't have enough water or energy to nurture each tree. And they just divide their time amongst all of it and all of them die. And so I love to hear from you have you had those moments where you had maybe multiple creative ideas at the same time and needed to choose a direction? Totally?


Rebecca Campbell  12:07

Yeah, this is, this is something I'm working on constantly, just kind of streamlining and having a single focus within the company, it doesn't mean that you don't do anything else. Because you know, you'll have your business as usual and your programs that you are running. But as far as like new seeds and new things that you are properly properly creating, I've learned that a single focus is just so important. And there's going to be a couple of times where there's a little bit of overlap. But yeah, even even if you've got a team or your solo person, and you are multi passionate, and you're wanting to do it all, the more focused you can be of like, you know, this year, the one thing that I really will be so proud and happy that I've created by the end of the year is maybe it's a book, maybe it's a training, maybe it's a whatever. And I think also, when we have, so maybe you're the same, we were just actually talking about this because I know that you had some bedrest recently. You Yeah, I know, when I, I've got a holiday next week for four nights away. And that's without my son for the first time. And so I can already feel that I'm going to have like loads of ideas, and it's going to be really hard to switch off. And so I'm gonna have to train myself like, no, don't act on anything. And because I think this is often the mind of the creative and the entrepreneur, the moment we stop, it's like, oh, and I think that there is one thing that I think can really help us. And that is, first of all, it's like, what ideas are ours to follow through? And because I think that we can come up with so many different ideas, but it's like, is it one that's come through you and spoken to you, you know, versus? Oh, that would be a great idea for that. That would be a great idea for that. I think definitely in the kind of, and I think it's impossible not to do this. If you're on social media, for example, like with the amount that we absorb and be like, oh, I want to do this, or I want to do this. But why do you actually want to create that? Like, is it because you want to bring value to your your audience? Is it because you genuinely have like you've had an experience and you're like, I really want to do this like this is really going to add to my body of work or whatever. But I totally hear you like, yeah, like an example is. I have I'm contracted for quite a few books and cards and there's a couple there's two that keep on being put back because something true in the current moment comes in and it's like group who like, you know, jumps jumps ahead. But then there's like lots of other ideas of like, oh, I want to do prints or physical products or digital to dirt. And like, my husband, actually, he helps me run the business. And we have a team of a couple people as well. But he's also always like, kind of holding my feet to the fire of like, one new thing at a time. So I think I definitely need that. How about you?


Nikki Nash  15:38

Oh, I'm the same way. I I. So a couple of things are happening with my business. And and I just announced this. So I'm merging a good part of my business with one of my business besties. Because I'm like the marketing and sales and how do you get new dream clients, and she's very much the operations client delivery. And when we're together, it's great. Because we I find myself better at saying, Nope, one thing at a time, nope, focus to someone else. But again, you're into myself. So when we came together, we're like, we have one offer for the next 12 months. That's it. Perfect, which is helpful. But we each still have our own personal brands. Oh, right. Yeah, I feel like we can do our own personal brand thing. And I'm like, Oh, I could do all these things. I'm like, No, Nikki, you have one program there. You can do one thing for your own personal brand, for the next year. And that's it. And then you can add a new thing every year if I want to. But it's hard for me because I'm a I have to look at the big picture first. And I need to get where I'm going before I get there. Yeah. And then seeing where I'm going like, well, I want to be there now. Let's launch things.


Rebecca Campbell  16:53

Totally. Yeah, I so hear you. Yeah, I've in the past definitely been a cool, let's just launch it next month, or let, in two months time, whatever. Every time I've done that, I've pretty much had to redo it like, a couple years later. And yeah, this new training that I've just been working on, like I've been working on it, like energetically envisioning for several years. So it's not like it just like popped in one day, like back in 2016. I knew it was going to happen. I just didn't know what the structure was. The structure came in in November, December. And we ended up hiring one of my friends who to produce it. And so she's been riding with me and and it has been, it's been a whole team effort in order to do it. Now. I I've never kind of brought someone into run a particular project before. And you know, and then you're like, oh, from a finance point of view, like, do you invest in that kind of way, when you can just do it yourself? Or you can just work with the team. But what I've discovered is that, actually, I think that with everything that we had on this year, had we not had her driving it it'd be delivered next year instead, or I'd have to reshoot it next year. Because yeah, so I it's definitely a never ending lesson for me to just like, slow down. And yeah, trust the seeds that you're planting and water, the seeds. And you know, it's there's no rush here. And because I think the more the more solid it is, the longer it'll it'll last. And that's not how I started my business at all. And maybe that wouldn't have been a good idea. When I started my business. You know, like, when I started my business, I was really figuring it out as I as I as I went along. But I definitely was showing up with consistency, like the you know, writing every day and doing all the things and expanding and growing as you go along. So I think it is it is a balance. But yeah, I'm definitely my challenge for myself is expand into slowing down and potency at this phase anyway, how are you


Nikki Nash  19:23

know, and definitely in a do less better type of mode and slow down for a number of reasons. But I think the biggest one is that I spent, gosh, I've had my business maybe six years or so now. But the first two years I spent hustling and not having as much to show for it like I made a bunch of money but I also wasted a ton of money and so it wasn't great. But like from a marketing perspective, people are like look at how much money you made. I'm like I didn't keep any of it really got really bad. And then the second couple of years, I spent very much like, Oh, I gotta make up for all those mistakes I made. So now do it all over again the right way. But I was still hustling to do it. I burnt out. And I think, right before my friends and I talked about kind of building a business together and rebuilding. And we both had like multiple six figure businesses, but we're like, Oh, I feel like we can go further faster together. Before that, I was gonna throw in that I was like, I'm just gonna write books. And maybe I won't make any money from this. I'll just write books, share what I know, with the world and throw everything out the window, because it was just too much. I was putting too much on myself. And if I've learned anything, in the last year or so. So is that you have to prioritize yourself, and you have to slow down and and listen to yourself in that guidance in order to make decisions, and I've moved significantly further in my business faster, by slowing down and doing less.


Rebecca Campbell  21:07

I so who you? Yeah, me too. Me too. Yeah, even when I look back at the times when I was like, in that kind of urgency, mode of like, Oh, I got to do more, or I don't want to miss out on, you know, that kind of thing. When I look back, I'm like, there's so much time wasting. And sometimes it's like, because I'm just not working like, effectively. But other times, it's because like, for example. Like the seeds of the project weren't quite formed yet. And so, you know, working on the project before, it's clear what the project is. That can be such a big waste of time. You know? Yeah, yeah. It's a real big one. And, yeah, and like, like one thing that I'm looking at, at the moment, like a stretch for me, and because like, my background was, like you advertising, marketing, that kind of thing. I think marketing has been like the area that they say that like the painter has the worst painted house. And I think there's definitely, I mean, it's not entirely true. Like, I wouldn't say that, like everything I put out like, yeah, no, I'm not saying that. I just mean, the way that my business has, has been running, when it comes to marketing, social media, all of that kind of stuff. It's been the like, like a pain. For me. I'm like, I don't want to do that, you know, but I didn't bring anyone in in order to do it. Because I was kind of doing it and swooping in, and all of that. And one of my biggest goals, which I said, I hosted a half yearly visioning workshop, and we were saying what our goal was for the year, and then the half yearly goal. And my half yearly goal was so boring, but it was literally to commit to social media templates, because I've never done it, I've never managed to do it, I've created so many, but I've never committed to it. And then, you know, then yet followed up with rhythm. And so that's, and what's what's really forced me to do that is I'm pregnant again. And I want to take maternity last time I didn't, I couldn't see past the birth. And when you run your business, you're in business, like, you're the boss, you don't get to. I mean, it's amazing, because you have the flexibility. But also, maybe you don't get maternity leave. And you also you can only like blame yourself with how much time you take off. And so yeah, so I've been looking at ways that I can, like, come out of the weeds of the business and, and also my tendency to, I think entrepreneurs can have this a lot particularly like solopreneurs, who might then go into having a team where you because you had to do it all on your own. And then, you know, like, of course, no one can do it better than you because no one knows how to do it. Because you're the one who's always done it. And it's you and it's your voice that it's all about. But yeah, like I've tried to take myself out of like, catch myself every time I'm like swooping in, do you know what I mean? Yep. Oh, god, it's so hard.


Nikki Nash  24:30

It is it is. But it's one of those things where when you're able to build a business that can run without you. It makes things so much better. Much better. Much better. I think about it. Like, you know, I'm not sure if you're taking maternity leave this time, but you know, whether it's a planned time off or, you know, I just got into a car accident, so I had to take a week off, right? I was like, huh Yeah, nobody knows about the stuff that I'm working on because I was just doing it. And I didn't. Yeah, laying it to anybody. I didn't have a process for doing it. And so it just didn't get done. And I'm like, Alright, social peeps, sorry. Like, yeah, Mia things because I, I didn't build it out in such a way that someone else could do it. And it's one of those things that I teach other people not to do everything so that somebody else can do it from the beginning, like document. And I just, you know, like you said, the painter has the worst painted house or the hairstylist has the worst hair.


Rebecca Campbell  25:41

It's so true. And I think part of it as well is like, the speed that we're doing things in, for me, at least I Yeah, it's it's the things that like the building out the systems and all of that. It's the thing that is always on the to do list, but you never get to because you're trying to not necessarily get ahead, but you know, it's the focus thing again. And, yeah, and like, gosh, I've had a few times with my business. And it's a regular thing that comes up where I'm like, do I even to even want a team? Like, do I just want to what do I really want to be doing here? Do I just want to create, but then No, I do want my stuff to be you know, it's this balance between the two and mean, now my husband, he is coo in the company, and he he loves having a team and managing people. So that makes it a bit easier for me because I just don't i i prefer to just be on my own all day creating, really, and I don't mind doing podcasts and things like that. Sometimes I appear to be an expert. I am definitely definitely, definitely not. But yeah, I definitely I've got an Aries moon and so yeah, I have that forward kind of motion of like, right, let's go let's go, you know, or it's a balance constantly.


Nikki Nash  27:09

Wait, one I'm very similar into I'm almost positive. I have an Aries moon. Because I'm like, Wait, that sounds exactly like me. And then I'm like, my moon is Aries too because I was shocked by that because I'm I'm a cancer but a lot of my a lot of things were cancer. And I'm like, ooh, Aries there, and it was a little different. So Oh, I love that folks now. Like maybe at the end of the episode. What? What, sir? Cool.


Rebecca Campbell  27:38

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we're really like using my maternity date. Because, you know, I can't change that. As like, as like an opportunity for us for the business to be able to run without me in a way. And yeah, my husband who runs a company, he's been joking. Well, I don't even know if he's joking. Actually. He's like, I can't wait to get you out of out of the business. Because we're, I know exactly what to do. And this is what I've been trying to do. But you keep sweeping. I'm like, oh, yeah, I know.


Nikki Nash  28:21

It's nice that sometimes you need life to force you to step out of the business even just the first time to see like, oh, okay, it's still standing. When I come back. It's so


Rebecca Campbell  28:32

true. It's so true. But then it's things like I remember when I first began my business and and then I got my first book deal the way like, my team was a lot smaller than, but what I really did and actually enjoyed how my business ran in this way, where I would just basically when I was creating, I just create, I'd barely do any client sessions. And I basically shut everything else down in order to meet the deadline. So I could throw myself wholly and completely into it. But I think as your business grows, it's like, owner, you kind of need to feed the things that have already been created. And yeah, so. Hmm. It's a conundrum.


Nikki Nash  29:20

Oh, my goodness, absolutely. But I hope this for folks that are listening shows that it's not like when you hit a certain level in your business, you have it all figured out. And it's all easy peasy. And I think so often I speak to people and they're like, when I hit this milestone, it'll be better or when I do this, it'll be better. I I'm like, oh, there's always something trust me.


Rebecca Campbell  29:41

It's so true. It's so true. Yeah. Like I've got this launch and we've got an amazing team around me. And I'm, I don't need to be checking the numbers. I don't need to be checking things, but I'm checking things. I think I'm checking things more than anyone else in the team and there's no reason isn't for that. So I'm like, I'm calling myself out on my tendency. And I'm like, What? What is that? Is that like a dopamine hit or something? Or is that is that, you know, the kind of hyper vigilance of just checking everything is okay. You know. So I think when we, when we do expand, and then we do bring in the support that, you know, maybe we've been dreaming of, and we thought that, oh, that's going to solve it, then it's like, it's actually looking at the personal patterns, I guess, of like, in order for you to really step into it, what we then knew needs to change. And I think that is like expansion. It's like, you know, the snake shedding its skin, it's L the lobster even it's, it's, it's not with its shell, it's it's not easy, it's not straightforward, like, like any kind of transformation that we go through, like, we really need to change, and we're always changing, and it can be painful to sew, and then we find our new way of being.


Nikki Nash  31:08

I love that. I love that. And I think it's something that I didn't realize when I started out in this business venture journey, because I worked in corporate I, when I left advertising, a lot of my corporate career was I was one of very few females when I worked at certain tech companies and things like that. And nobody really talks about things that we've discussed today, right? Like, the personal expansion and evolution, or if there are different seasons that you'll be in, and maybe you're not always supposed to be on 24/7 creating. Yeah, and I think that's really beautiful, that we're having this conversation, because, you know, it's, it's not often spoken about in a lot of communities. And I think people really need to hear that, you know, things evolve, they change. They're never, you know, 100% Perfect, but it's you grow and expand and you enjoy the ride.


Rebecca Campbell  32:07

Totally. And yeah, there's like trusting the energy when it's actually there versus like, pushing past the energy when when it kind of like is ready to wind down? Yeah.


Nikki Nash  32:22

Like, be where you are in the end. It's okay.


Rebecca Campbell  32:27

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I'm not sure if you noticed this, but like, I've, I kind of, I, in one of my books that I wrote, I kind of channeled something around this. And then I've gotten to kind of like, see, it is like us as souls. And I call entrepreneurs like Soul lead entrepreneurs. Like we come in on waves. And so it's like, you know, you and a couple other people may be on the same wave. And so you'll be going into your spring and summer around the same time. Maybe I'm in my winter, and I'm kind of looking at what you're doing. And I'm like, Oh, my gosh, she's just doing so much. And she's creating so much. And oh, my gosh, I wish I should be doing more like Nikki, you know, but then if I honor that I'm in my winter, and that, that I'm kind of shedding my skin. And I'm also, oh, I think I've got something here I'm kind of like cradling the new seed. If I honor that, then I'll have the energy for you know, and then it'll be your time for winter and cradling the seed and then I'll be out in the world. And we're not all meant to be out and on and in full bloom. 24/7. And I think, yeah, that is definitely something that we need to remind ourselves of constantly.


Nikki Nash  33:46

Absolutely. Oh, my goodness. Absolutely. Oh, wow. Well, first off your pure freaking magic. And I'd love to as we start winding down, I'd love to hear from you. For someone that's been listening to this episode, if there was one, either message or homework assignment that you'd love to give them, what would that be?


Rebecca Campbell  34:11

So I would say to, to show up to some kind of inner practice each day. So that could be like a five or 10 Minute Meditation doesn't have to be long. If you're someone who's got a million things going around in your head, do a short meditation, and then do say three pages of journaling, like continual writing. So it's like you're emptying out those racing thoughts in your head. And like with the intention of like, getting to that still, like wise soul space within you? Because I think particularly those of us who are entrepreneurs, there's like so many different directions that we can be pulled in. But if we can just keep anchoring in to where we're really in hutch with those, like the prudence seeds within and let that guide our day. And you know, then you can take all the action in the world in in response to that, but some kind of inner practice like journaling or meditating and really recommend that. And again, it can be really short, if you so, so busy, they say you need to do double. But like, you know, choose a time of day that you can keep showing up to it. Like I know me being a mum now. How I used to do my spiritual practice has changed a lot. So I'm not going to be prescriptive with that. But what I do now because I have a separate workspace from home as I arrive at my workspace will always arrive 10 minutes early, and then I'll do my practice at the beginning of the day. And on the the rare days that I miss it. I can feel it like I'm more way more tethered. Yeah.


Nikki Nash  35:59

I love that. And I know you have a freebie for folks that can also help them if they're they're looking to identify that practice.


Rebecca Campbell   

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So I've got a thing on my website, called seven days, we'll discover your spiritual practice. So it's seven days of free guided practice. So basically, you can sign up, you just pop your email in and, and over a week, each morning, you'll receive like a short, spiritual practice. So you can try out a whole lot of different ones. Like one of them is like journaling and other one meditation, chanting, intuitive nature walking, there's so many different ones. And so yeah, I think like one of the most common questions I get is kind of like how do you know what spiritual practice for you? And so this is like, you know, just a free program, which is like really short each day to just try out one and then it'd be like, just commit to it for say, 21 days just show up to it each day. And just notice the difference, because yeah, I'm such a huge believer in if you do connect him with that way, it's part of you and let it lead you. Oh, my gosh, decisions within business is so much easier. And focus is so much easier. And then yeah, I think we're just nicer people too. Yeah. I know. I


Nikki Nash   

I love it. Well, I will put that in the show notes for us. And can you just share where do you spend your time online? Where can people connect with you most?


Rebecca Campbell   

Sure. So my newsletter is my number one. So yeah, you could just go to Rebecca campbell.me forward slash newsletter. And then I'm on all the places like like you, Nikki like Instagram. I'm Rebecca Campbell, underscore author, and then Facebook and yeah, all those places.


Nikki Nash   

Oh, my goodness. I love it. We will again, link to all the beautiful places that you show up online in the show notes so folks can connect with you there. Thank you, Nikki, thank you so much for being on the show. I love our chats. Me too.

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Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is a world renowned writer, mystic, poet, mother, channel and creative. A bestselling author, her books and oracle decks are published in over 20 languages.
Rebecca believes that we ARE nature and all of her creations are in devotion to the beauty of nature and weaving the soul back into everyday life.